5 things you can do today that aren’t crying about being single

Though the title of this post may imply otherwise, I love being single during this time in my life. No offense for people in happy, healthy, loving relationships, but being single in your early 20s can be lots of fun. Sure, the left side of my bed is cold when I get up in the morning and relatives are constantly and exponentially concerned with my lack of effort in finding a suitor to grow the family tree with each year that passes.

But I also have the luxury of being indebted only to myself. I have so much free time on my hands that I started an entire blog and spent half a day figuring out how to design the header photo and never feel the need to explain my confusing life choices to anyone. I’m still figuring out who I want to be and where I want to go in life and that’s something I am at the liberty of doing without having to question how it will impact another person. The future, for us singletons, is one big question mark – and that’s pretty exciting!

Without further adieu, here’s 5 totally random things completely unrelated to the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day that you can do today instead of crying into the box of truffles you bought for yourself in the name of self love! Today’s just another day, single b*tch! Happy Thursday!

Burn a complex recipe you found on Pinterest, then make chocolate chip cookies instead

nailed it.jpg

I understand – Pinterest makes Baked Alaska look easy and you just wanted something warm and beautiful to cure your cold, dead heart. Now your dish is out of the oven, smoke detectors screeching and your confection looks more Nailed It than Top Chef. It’s chill, only one person on this planet can be Rachael Ray and I’m going to venture to guess that you’re not her. If you are, however, I love your stuff Rachael, you’re an amazing and strong and inspirational woman with a true talent.

Good news! There’s plenty of brownie mixes that come with 3 step directions right on the back of the box! And who needs Baked Alaska when you’ve got Betty Crocker, am I right?

Clean out your closet


All of your coupled friends are on dates so with no one to do anything fun with, why not take the time to do something productive and boring that you’ve been putting off for months? I know the tie dye tube top that says “Spring break 2015” across the boobs makes you feel sentimental for a time when the mere thought of raspberry Smirnoff did not yet make you gag, but it’s time to put your Cabo trip with the gals in the past and throw that crusty old top in the trash where it belongs.

Do a face mask

Nothing says glamour like looking like you rubbed your face in the dirt

Do they really work? Who knows! The package for the sea salt, avocado, lavender clay mask you just purchased claims the mixture will work MIRACLES on your clogged pores and you could you a miracle somewhere in your life so you might as well give it a try.

Buy something!


Now that you’ve made some space in your closet, it’s time to pull out the ol’ credit card, buy something expensive and worry about it later in the month when your bill comes in! It doesn’t really matter what you buy as long as it’s way out of your price range and will bring you (at least a little bit of) joy. Hot tip: if you’re reallllly feeling like being festive for the sake of the holiday, buy something you’d want a significant other to buy for you if you had one and pretend it was a gift!

Watch the new(ish) Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix

netflix and chill by myself.png

The content is really disgusting and Ted Bundy was such a horrid creature and I cringed for the entirety of all 4 episodes but there’s nothing that says I am deeply single and was hurt by someone somewhere in my past than watching a documentary about a serial killer on a holiday devoted to love.




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